Tourist activities

The picturesque and beautiful garden of Villa Korkatti provides you many possibilities. For example we have a traditional Finnish sauna with palju (a Finnish idea of a hot tub), a tepee for barbecuing and a traditional Finnish swing. Ask also for other tourist activities like fatbike rental, archery and throwing axes!

3 hour 20€

6 hour 30€

1 day 50€

1 day / 2 bikes €80

Finnish Sauna & Palju

You can enjoy our traditional Finnish wood burning sauna outside and the palju, a kind of hot tub.
The sauna & palju 200 € / night
Only the sauna 80 € / night

Villa’s local history tour

– By foot starts from 20€ / person (minimum of 4 people)

– By fatbikes starts from 35€ / person (for 2-4 people)

– Duration 2-3 hours.

A guided tour to the fascinating local history where we will make a 7 km journey either by foot or by fatbikes.

At times we will stop to hear how history becomes alive near the places where around a 100 years ago was a famous winery and after that at a place where German military aircraft crashed in 1942.

At the crash site we will enjoy coffee etc. as the guide takes you to the wings of history

Villa's Paintball

You can order just the game or, in addition, food, a sauna & spa evening and, if you wish, even accommodation. The food can be almost anything, from pizza to three-course a’la carte, depending on your choice and budget.

Villa's Paintball

The players need only own shoes (sneakers etc.) All the other equipment needed comes from the house. Minimum of 8 people.

Playing field

Before the game we gather at Villa Korkatti where we give you the equipment needed for paintball. After this we walk to the playing field which is located approximately 10 minutes away from Villa. The playing field lies in a rocky forest which is perfect for playing paintball. There are two different bases at the each end of the playing field plus there are a few other built walls etc. on the field. At the break zone you can safely watch the game when you are not playing.